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Webinars and workshops 2022

January 20
7 pm webinar for the ESTD: An introduction to the Trauma and Dissociation Symptoms Interview (TADS-I): assessment of dissociative symptoms and disorders. For information see  (English)
February 19, March 12 and April 2
A three day webinar: Assessment and Phase I Treatment of Dissociative Disorders (English with simultaneous translation in Spanish). Time in Argentina 9-12 and 13-16, time in the Netherlands 13-16 and 17-20)
March 18 -19 and April 22
Webinar 9am -17pm: A three day advanced webinar on the treatment of dissociative disorders. English with consecutive translation in Slovak. More information
May 5 and 6
5pm-8pm webinar: Dilemma’s in the treatment of dissociative disorder clients (English and Italian, simultaneous translation in Italian) For information: Italian webpage and English webpage
September 2 and 3
A Coruña, Spain, live workshop, 9.30-15.00 Differential diagnostic challenges and treatment planning for complex dissociative disorders. English with consecutive Spanish translation
September 30 and October 2


Rome, Italy. Live conference: Attachment and Trauma – Effective Clinical Interventions and Research. English. More information
November 4, 5 and 6

Webinar on diagnosis and treatment of complex dissociative disorders
organized by the EMDR Institute.
Details will follow.
November 11 and 12
Slovakia. Webinar TADS- I training. English with consecutive translation. More information