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Below you will find my workshop and training schedule for 2018. Most workshops are offered in English. Please feel free to contact me for more information about any of these events, or click on the link to obtain more details on a particular workshop or training.

January 12, 13 Poland, Katowice: two day workshop (English)
day 1: Difficulties in the treatment of complex trauma-related disorders
day 2: Treatment of traumatic memories
January 20, 21, 22 Milan: workshop ‘Treating Trauma- related Dissociation’ with Kathy Steele and Onno van der Hart. From diagnosis to integration (Italian translation)
February 2, 3 Paris: Diagnosing dissociative disorders, EMDR France. (French translation)
February 15, 16, 17 Hamburg, Germany: February 15: supervision. February 16 & 17 (German translation)
March 15 & 18 Moscow: Diagnosing dissociative disorders, EMDR Moscow
April 12, 13 Bergen, Norway: Diagnosing dissociative disorders (English) More info
April 25, 26 Helsinki, Finland: Diagnosing dissociative disorders (Finish translation)
May 11, 12 Debrecen, Hungary: ESTD conference, How to Understand, Diagnose and Treat Trauma-generated Dissociation, Suzette Boon & Onno van der Hart. More info
May 24, 25 Oslo en Modum Bad: supervision
June 8, 9, 10 Swanwick, UK: Trauma and Abuse group (TAG) 2018 conference
July 6, 7, 8 La Coruna, Spain: Suzette Boon, Kathy Steele and Doloris Mosquera. Three-day advanced workshop. Working with integration failures in complex trauma. Treatment differences across diagnostic categories. More info
September 1, 2 La Coruña, Spain: Basic Training in Clinical Hypnosis
September 21, 22, 23 Sardinia, Italy
Day 1: Diagnosis of dissociative disorders with Trauma and Dissociation Symptoms Interview ( TADS-I)
Day 2 and 3: Treatment of complex dissociative disorders
October 6, 7 Stockholm, Sweden: Diagnosing dissociative disorders. WONSA More info
October 11 Oslo and Modum: Supervision
November 8, 9 Stockholm, Sweden: Dissociative disorders: Stabilization and treatment of traumatic memories. WONSA More info