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Education 2021

Due to Corona I can’t be sure that all workshops and  the conference as mentioned here will take place. Maybe some will be postponed and others given as a webinar.

February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 5 and 19
Weekly 2 hour webinar about diagnosis and  treatment of dissociative disorders. More information 
April 10
Hamburg – One day webinar. Enmeshment and the prevention of burnout, compassion fatigue and/or vicarious traumatization (English spoken, German translation) More information
April 9 & May 7, 8, 28

4 day webinar: diagnosis and phase 1 treatment of dissociative disorders. English with Slovak translation. More information:
June 4 and 5
Milan, Assessment of dissociative disorders with TADS-I (advanced workshop). English spoken with Italian translation. More information:
July 9 and 10
Treatment of dissociative disorders, with Roger Solomon, EMDR specialist. More information:
October 15, 16 and 17
London, Congress ‘Attachment and Trauma – Effective Clinical Interventions and Research’. More information.
November 13 and 14  
A Coruña, Assessment of dissociative disorders with TADS-I , 2 day workshop (and/or online webinar), English spoken, Spanish translation. More information.
November 26 and 27  
Paris, 2 day webinar: Assessment of dissociative disorders with TADS-I, organized by EMDR France. English with French translation.
December 17 and 18
Munich, Challenges in phase-oriented treatment for patients with complex dissociative disorders. An advanced workshop with a focus on the first two treatment stages. English with German Translation. More information: