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Consultation and supervision

I am available for several types of consultation or supervision services – either in person, by telephone or online, but there is currently a waiting list:

  • Individual consultation or supervision for therapists working in private practices or at mental health institutions. All topics stated on the Training page can be discussed in consultation or supervision meetings. My supervision services are not limited to therapists treating clients with histories of early traumatization, but include a broad variety of issues related to family and partner therapy. (In person or online)
  • Individual consultation and assessments for clients who wish to be assessed with regard to dissociation or other trauma-related issues; who want help understanding an impasse in the therapy, or who need more information about dissociation and trauma. Please note that consultation is not the same as therapy. I am unable to take new therapy clients. (In person only)
  • Joint consultation with therapist and client to assist with the assessment, to make a treatment plan or to discuss impasses in the therapy and/or the therapeutic relationship. (In person or online)
  • Supervision groups for therapists (beginning and advanced) that address all issues related to the psychotherapy of complex traumatized clients. (In person or online)
  • Consultation and supervision for both inpatient and outpatient treatment teams (In person or online)


Unfortunately, I am not taking new clients.


  • Individual supervision or consultation – 175 euro per hour
  • Individual consultation and assessment of clients – 200 euro per hour
  • Joint consultation with therapist and client – 200 euro per hour
  • Supervision groups for therapists (up to four therapists, two hour sessions) – 225 euro per hour
  • Consultation and supervision to treatment teams (minimum two hours) – 250 euro per hour


appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before appointment will be charged 50% of the appointment fee.