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Workshops en supervisiedagen 2019

January 17 Supervision Oslo
January 18 Supervision Modum bad
Jan 26 – March 2 Out of office
March 9, 10 A Coruña, Hypnosis training part 2
March 14 Ede, The Netherlands (mainly in Dutch!): 1 day conference: behandeling van traumagerelateerde dissociatie. Kathy Steele, Suzette Boon en Onno van der Hart. Meer info
March 22 Nscience London (advanced workshop): DID, BPD and / or C-PTSD? Diagnostic assessment and treatment implications.
March 29 Preconference workshop New York with Kathy Steele and Dolores Mosquera: Integration Failures Across Diagnostic Categories in Traumatized Individuals: diagnosis and treatment.
April 12, 13 Neurenberg: Resolving impasses and working with ‘difficult’ parts in patients with a complex dissociative disorder.
May 21 Oslo: supervision
May 22 Kristiansand Trauma Conference: Dissociative, Psychotic or both - Differential diagnosis and treatment implications.
June 14, 15 Katowice, Poland: Phase I treatment of complex dissociative disorders.
June 24, 25 Norway, Viken Center: supervision
September 6, 7 Fortschritte Hamburg: Treatment of complex dissociative disorders - Resistance and ongoing abuse and the impact on the therapeutic relationship.
September 14, 15 Moscow: Treatment of complex dissociative disorders phase II Treatment of traumatic memories.
September 27, 28 Helsinki: Assessment of dissociative disorders with TADS-I.
October 3 Bukarest: Diagnosis and treatment of dissociative disorders: an overview. Plenary presentation and workshop
 October 10, 11 Estonia, Talinn: Resistance, difficulties and pitfalls in the treatment of
complex trauma-related disorders
October 24-26 Italy, Rome: ESTD conference, more info 
November 8, 9 Brussel: Assessment of dissociative disorders with TADS-I (language Dutch)
November 22, 23 Nscience London: Stabilization and treatment of traumatic memories for patients with CPTSD and dissociative disorders, more info
December 12, 13 Stockholm: Resistance, difficulties and pitfalls in the treatment of complex dissociative disorders,  more info