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Webinars en workshops 2024

2 – 4 februari
Milan, Italy. Diagnosis and treatment of dissociative disorders. Life training using TADS-I  English spoken Italian translation
13 april
Online TADS-I webinar. More information (USA time schedule)
19 en 20 april
Hamburg online webinar English spoken, simultaneous  German translation. Challenges in treatment of clients with complex dissociative disorders; What works when and for whom?  Do’s and Dont’s in therapy with complex DD patients. An advanced workshop. More information
3 en 4 mei
28 en 29 juni
Online webinar Challenges and treatment interventions in phase 1 of the treatment of complex dissociative disorders. English spoken, simultaneous translation in Italian. Part 2 of webinar on Structural Dissciation with Onno van der Hart, and Kathy Steele For information see:
23-25 augustus



Three day online webinar with Roger Solomon (US central time)  Day 1: Assessment (with TADS-I); Suzette Boon. Day 2: Treatment of complex trauma and dissociative symptoms  Suzette Boon and Roger Solomon. Day 3: The implementation of EMDR therapy methodologies with  dissociative disorder patients by Roger Solomon. For information:

20 en 21 september

Stockholm Sweden. Life workshop (part 2). Phase 1 treatment for complex dissociative disorders ( English spoken). For information:

4 oktober

Copenhagen , Denmark Workshop. Trauma-Related Dissociation: Assessment and Treatment. Danish Psychological Association 

10-12 oktober

Katowice Poland  ESTD conference. See

24 en 25 oktober

Webinar Ukraine. Understanding Symptoms of Dissociation. Assessment with Trauma and Dissociation Symptoms Interview (TADS-I). English spoken with consecutive translation.

15 en 16 november

Stockholm Sweden. Life workshop (part 3). Challenges and pitfalls in phase 1 treatment of dissociative disorders. Information: